Full-timer, but may have to give it up

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Mar 16, 2006
I bought my first RV last December, and lived happily full-timing in middle Georgia until August.? I'm not retired, or even close, but my jobs tend to be short contracts, so I thought the RV would work out well.? Then I got an offer to move to Fairmont, West Virginia, which I accepted.? Now that I'm here, I'm finding that RVing "up north" is somewhat problematic.? For example,

  • All the state parks have a 30' limit, I'm in a 35' Holiday Rambler
  • Most of the private parks close for the winter
  • The nearest Holiday Rambler dealer is in Pennsylvania
  • The one park that does not close is 7 miles from civilization, and I think the owner is trying to sell it
  • I don't get cell phone coverage in this park (Wilderness Waterpark, near Clarksburg)
  • I don't expect the snow plows will come down far enough for me to get to work
  • I can't get high speed internet at any price, expect perhaps with a Hughes satellite

Bottom line, I'm planning to rent a place at least for the winter.? The question I have is, what to do with my RV???? It's a 2006 gas HR Vacationer, 35 SBD.

I could store it
I could sell it
I could take it to a dealer and let them rent it out

Any suggestions welcome!

Store it.  You are moving from a fulltime RV use to a vacation RV use.  A lot of folks use RVs that way, honest.  ;D

Sell it and you will take a heavy hit on that first year depreciation.  If you have financed the rig, you may even have a loan balance higher than the depreciated wholesale price you will get.

Rent it and you let all the clowns in the world play with your toy and a dealer has little incentive to maintain it since it is not his property.
I'm with Carl.

I'm in a somewhat similar situation.  I retired but flunked retirement 101 and am working part time in upstate NY.

I considered bring the RV up here to live in while here but decided that was way to hard.  I'm renting a house for slightly less than it would cost to stay in the close by rv park - if they were open when I needed them & they aren't.  Not to mention the diesel cost to get it here and back.

People on the forum have lived in a rv through NE winters but it's basically a full time job to survive.


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