Furnace cover removal

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Dec 29, 2010
Since it's never been done, I'd like to clean my furnace this month before heading south. I'm not sure how to remove the cover in the rear of my '05 Suncruiser. It almost seems like the screws on the chrome vent and the screws on the four corners of the larger cover have been glued on or something-very tight. Do I need to remove them both or just the larger cover?  Also if anyone knows about adjustments (if there are any), it "pops" pretty loud during the first couple ignitions when it's cooler. After it's been on awhile its pretty quiet when igniting. Anything wrong with that pattern? Thanks for any info...btw it's a Suburban SH 40 2322.


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If it is a standard installation, the four corner screws should be all you need to remove. The vent usually slides out from the exhaust tube. You probably will have to wiggle the cover to get it to slide off the exhaust tube.
Thanks Jim, that's what I thought. Maybe the paint is making the screws hard to turn/remove. I'll try again today.

Have a great New Year!

Maybe this will help, I have posted a link below to a page containing service manuals for furnaces and other appliances for our RV's.

Try this http://bryantrv.com/docs.html through the generosity of Bryant RV. Find the furnace section and see if you can locate your make and model. These are the complete service manuals. Hopefully that will assist you in servicing your furnace.
Thanks Tom. Unfortunately he doesn't have the Suburban SH furnace on there yet. He states to contact him from that page-so I'll do that & see what I get...

Thanks for the info & Happy New Year!

Thanks Jim-This time armed with the knowledge you gave me, I got it off w/o any problems -did have to wiggle it a bit (seems the cover gasket was being stuborn). Cleaned up the light rusty areas on the tubes and made sure both vents were open. I put it back together since it does work well. I am interested to see what the Bryant RV guy has to say about the popping during cold starts however.  Thanks again all!


Glad it worked for you! Many times things tend to "stick" and it makes wonder if they are doing the right thing.  ;D
Yep Jim, I hated to pry too much and damage a nicely painted piece if I didn't have to.


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