Furrion DV3100

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Nick Pasich

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Mar 19, 2011
I purchased a 2016 Dutchman Denali 335RLK 5th wheel from a private party.  So, far, the AV/Cable system has been nothing short of a nightmare trying to figure out.  The 5th wheel has identical DV3100 units in the main living area and in a compartment on the outside of the rig. 

I have alot of DVD's that I have made copies of and carry them with me.  I put one of the DVD's in the out side DV3100 and it plays flawlessly. I that the same DVD and put it in the unit inside the 5th wheel and it doesn't play. 

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Check the owner's manual for a reset button. If that doesn't work, contact Furrion directly. I had issues with the two Furrion units in my RV. I contacted them, and they asked for pics of the labels on the units. They sent me two new units with return labels for the old ones. I had a DVD stuck in one of them. I included a CD case and a note. They returned my DVD on their dime. Also, the unit they sent for the outside was an upgrade from the original unit. Good company to work with, no hassles at all

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