FYI to Aussies thinking of trialering here

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Apr 8, 2005
I had Aussie friends here in southern California who were looking for a 15 to 18 foot trailer ("caravan" to you), used.

To make a long story short:
Based on their Aussie experience as trailer ownes they expected little trouble finding what they wanted used.
Turns out "small" trailers here in the US are a lot rarer than back in Australia (or maybe people have them and don't sell them.
Looking in several major areas it took much longer and more hassle and money to find a small trailer than expected.

This message is just FYI for anyone in a similar situation expecting to shop in that size range.

My comments will apply to almost ANY internet search. Consider the application, and "Who is using this item?"
When looking for a smaller RV, you may find less available in the usual RV sources, simply because everyone who is thinking of full timing, is thinking huge.
However, used smaller RVs abound in hunting listings, and amongst people who do motor sport recreation, etc.
consider who is using the type you are looking for, and you will be surprised.
For instance, on a Dodge diesel resource forum, there is a listing  for a active duty soldier who is headed to Korea, and selling his 18 footer.
I probably wouldn't find an 18-20 ft trailer on the bulletin board of an RV park, but would find several in the local "Nickel or Penney Saver".

Best of luck to your Aussie friends.
Southern California is a hard market for RVs.  Dealers are spread out over a huge metropolitan area.  When we bought our unit, the dealer we used was in Orange County, and we live in West LA, an hour's trip away by freeway. 

US small units tend to be 16-19 feet in travel trailers with 19 footers being the most common.  There are a number of companies that specialize in them, Casitas is one.  See them at THIS SITE..

The hybrid trailers have been taking a lot of the small trailer business in recent years and they are definitely worth a look.  A Jayco example can be seenn at THIS SITE.
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