Garden of the Gods Campground

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Oct 11, 2006
We like to go camping in Colorado and we've stayed at Garden of the Gods Campground before.  This year we heard the park was sold and they have made nice changes. The sites have always been small but the new owner has combined some sites to make big pull thrus!  They also have parks with grass and a nice snack bar area.  It's a nice park with lots of trees and very close to Manitou Springs.  We wish it had full WIFI all over the park and it got kind of muddy after it rained.  The maintenance man said they had plans to put down gravel to stop the mud.  We like it and we'll be back.
We stayed at Garden of the Gods 20 years ago. The kids dubbed it Hong Kong City because of the lot size! ;D ;D
We stayed there in 1983 as we were leaving Colorado Springs to start our full-timing life the first time (now working toward getting back to the FT life). We had a 35-foot 5th wheel at the time with an oversized truck towing and had no problem fitting in.
We stayed at Garden of the Gods Campground in a 38 foot motorhome in August, 2006.? Some of the sites were small, but we stayed in a site that had been reconfigured, and we thought it was a perfect size.? When we go back to the campground in the Spring, we are going to stay in a pull-thru site and spend more time around Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs - we think that this is the best campground in the area.? The new owner had made some really nice changes by the time of our stay.? The campground was clean and well maintained and the staff was good.? We met the new manager, who is just the nicest lady.? We have heard that there will be some more changes made over the Winter, so we are excited to go back.?
Garden of the Gods is a nice campground with a number of activities. No cable TV, but it offers everything else. We stay there at least once every summer.
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