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Mar 1, 2005
Goodyear, AZ
I was just perusing the Garmin software update site and happened to notice that Garmin has cut it's price for the City Navigator 7.0 North American DVD to $75. That's half of what it was a month ago. I have a claim in to Garmin for a refund of my overpayment. That has about as much chance as Garmin having everything on the mapset correct ;D
I noticed that too. ?Let us know what they say, if anything.
I don't know if this helps any of you but if you haven't registered your GPS with Garmin yet, you can get a free upgrade.  Their rules state that if an update come out BEFORE your GPS is registered, then you're entitled toa free upgrade after you register.  I just installed version 7 on mine and got the unlock code for free after I registered.  (Glad I didn't register when I first got the unit!)

You can update directly to ver. 7, you don't have to install ver. 6 first.
Karl said:
Thanks; that's good to know. Now if someone can tell us if it's worth upgrading from 5 to 7.

Frankly speaking IMHO Garmin has yet to release a version of City Nav that was worth a darn.  Given that they are so confident in their customers satisfaction with it they will not offer satisfaction guarantee I recommend taking a wait and see position.  I was not favorably impreseed with any of the City Nav versions so far through ver 6  and ver 6 IMHO was not any better than Ver 5.  I still find my old Metroguide Ver 4.01 to be more correct than City Nav in many cases.

I like the Garmin just wish they would get their act back together with the routable mapping SW.  They had a good thing going with Metro Guide.

We can compare if you like, I have ver. 7 on my 2620.
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One good reason to upgrade from V5 to V7 is that numerous interstates have had their exits renumbered since V5 came out. Maine even changed which road is designated I-95, which means that V5 directs you onto roads labeled I295 when you want to be on I95 (or vice versa).
Not having seen ver 7 but based on previous experience I doubt very much that ver 7 will reflect many of the exit changes.? Maybe ver 9 or 10.? Ver 6 doen't even have the roads north of TC? in Michigan straight and they haven't changed in years.

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