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Jun 11, 2013
Hey All,

I'm getting exhausted researching routing software options.

I was close to buying MS Street & Trips. I have a Garmin 260w and thought I could use that for my GPS and import the waypoints. Now I am not so us my Garmin can accept this. Then I wondered about just getting the GPS addition to S&T, but I'm driving a Yukon and don't really want my laptop sitting on the armrest. <sigh>

So then I came across the newly released Garmin RV 760LMT - made especially for RVers. Has anyone used it?!? Is there something similar that does the same thing that is less than the $399 price tag for this unit?

I definitely think using a GPS unit will be safer than having a my shotgun my be asleep or absorbed in media from time to time. I believe I need to update my Garmin regardless to a unit that could accept routing...any recommendations on that?

Is the anything else I haven't taken into consideration?

Yesterday I ordered a Garmin 50LM for $115. It is the number one best selling GPS on Amazon and it has been so for about the last year. I am replacing a Garmin 1450 that I have used for the last three years. The only reason I am replacing it is to update the maps. It is cheaper to buy a new unit with lifetime maps than it is to upgrade my existing unit. I did not even consider getting an "RV" GPS, I don't see the point. After ten years of full timing without one I can't see where I need one. Especially if it costs $285 more.
Okay...maybe I just don't get it, but I was avoiding even looking at the 2-digit garmins. The more numbers the better, right? Actually, do you know what the difference is in the 2, 3 and 4 digit models? Took me long enough to understand LMT, LM, HD, etc.

Do you add waypoints or POIs like low clearance?
samanthahhi said:
Okay...maybe I just don't get it, but I was avoiding even looking at the 2-digit garmins. The more numbers the better, right? Actually, do you know what the difference is in the 2, 3 and 4 digit models? Took me long enough to understand LMT, LM, HD, etc.

Do you add waypoints or POIs like low clearance?
I don't know if more numbers means better or not. The 50LM is the best selling GPS on Amazon and there are probably a lot of good reasons. I don't know if you can add waypoints or POIs because I have never seen the need to do so. From what I understand the answer is yes. Low clearance POIs just don't seem to be something that is needed. Only once in the last ten years of full timing have I ran into a situation where I found a low clearance blocking me. I saw it and backed up out of there. It was at the Denver airport and they have since fixed the signage problem.
I think they just ran out of numbers and decided to start over with a new series using two digits. Within any series, the higher number nearly always means more function, but it is largely impossible to make comparisons across series based on number alone. Ya gotta read the product description & feature list.
For 1/2 the cost of the RV760, you can get a good Garmin GPS with lifetime maps and traffic, Microsoft Streets & Trips, and low clearance data from Just make sure the GPS has a microSD card slot so you have space for all the maps, low clearance and route data. I have a refurbished Garmin 1490 that I picked up for a song. Has a nice big screen, more bells and whistles than I need, miniSD slot and works like a charm.

No matter what the cost of a GPS, they are NOT infallible and WILL lead you astray. You must pre-plan a route/trip with software/paper maps/whatever or you might end up like in The Office TV episode fron a few years back sitting in a lake with bitchin' betty saying : "Make a U turn now!" over and over. ;D

"Bitchin Betty" lol!

Okay, I found a site that explained all about the Garmin codes, etc. now I am actually taking a look at the Magellan Roadmate RV series. Uses the same maps as Garmin, more features for less the cost.

Any thoughts on Magellan?

And yes, I am planning my trip out with AAA and Google maps.
I wouldn't touch a Magellan with a 10 foot pole. My coach came with one built in and Magellan dropped all support for it in less than two years. No maps, no software, no nothing. A few years later somebody here gave me a Magellan with a 7" screen, saying they could never get it to work right. I got it to display maps ok, but POI and other location data was sparse.  I found that extra software was needed to put my own POIs on it to show campgrounds.  Magellan web site told me I needed it, but did not have it to download. I emailed several times to ask about it and never got a response at all. Ended up giving it away myself. My experience with their customer support is abysmal.

I've heard some people give good reports about the Magellan RV model, but none of them had any experience with any other GPS. IMO, Garmin & TomTom are the only way to go. They make quality devices and prvide excellent maps, software and tools.

By the way, Magellan may get their base maps from the same company, but that doesn't mean they are equivalent in detail or POI coverage. Nearly all GPS manufacturers get their base maps from Navteq, but the similarity ends there. Each buys what they choose from Navteq, and each makes their own finished product from it.
I agree with Gary. I had a Magellan and it was the worst GPS I ever had. Customer support was a joke. Tom-Tom is pretty good from what I hear and data can be used on it.
Well, that's pretty much what I needed to hear. I have a Garmin Nuvi 260w. I've always loved it so. Someone stole my original Garmin and its like I couldn't figure out how to tie my shoelaces without!

They've discontinued support on the 260w and it doesn't allow you to add other preplanned routes. I need to buy new maps $39 or get a newer version that can do more what I need it to. I really like the lane feature where it really shows you the exit ramp. Thought that might be nice in an rv. Low clearance isn't so much of an issue as my rv is just under 10 ft., but I may still add that. I also like the ones with the traffic and weather, but I suppose I do already get that on my cell phone...when reception is adequate. I just have to decide on the Nuvi model. Any suggestions?
The Nuvi 260W is still a good unit - I keep my old one as a spare. You can add POI's to it easily using the Garmin POILoader utility, but it doesn't readily accept pre-planned routes from other map software.

I use a TomTom 550XXL in the car and a Nuvi 1450 in the coach. Each has some small advantages over the other - wish I could combine them! I don't think you could go wrong with a GPS from either company - just decide on the size and features you want and then shop for price on a suitable model. They are all widely discounted and sales are frequent. I usually buy last years top model to get the steepest discount with the best features.
As much as my 260w has been a good friend, I bought a Nuvi 2595lmt on eBay today - factory refurbished saved my over $100. My 260w was a factory refurb and has done well for years.

I decided that having a slightly bigger screen would be nice, but most importantly was the voice commands. I'm always reaching for my Nuvi and pulling it off the mount to view nearby restaurants or malls. This will help me keep both hands on the wheel when my shotgun is asleep or acting ornery.

I'm getting MS Streets & Trips and will set up my routes within it. I'll have roughly 2 days to accomplish the xfer and getting used to it all. But with such an extensive trip, I am happy to have all the help I can get!

Thanks, Gary!
Recently Purchased Garmin RV 760lmt it's great product.. but still i wish it had more information on display. It will surely take most of your concerns away.
BruceinFL said:
For 1/2 the cost of the RV760, you can get..... Microsoft Streets & Trips.....

Where is everyone getting this? According to Amazon S&T seems to be a discontinued or very expensive product
I have a 760 and like it but also use Google Maps and a good old paper map.  Like the larger screen to view lane changes and etc.  During my first trip, I entered an Ohio State Park by name and it took me on some side roads and never could actually find it until I used Google Maps and my phone.  Since the park is 20,000 acres I really needed the actual entrance not just along the park somewhere.  Talked to the Ranger and the problem is not with the 760 itself but the mapping data provided during the name search.

Wish Google Maps would allow you to directly download to a Garmin device, but you need to use Garmin BaseCamp to map out long trips.  Clunky compared to Google, but believe you can use it in conjunction with Google Earth.  Have not taken the time to learn but will be shortly.
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