Gasoline smell after running genny

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Jul 12, 2011
Tampa Bay, FL
Currently at a spot where some daily genny use is needed. I have noticed a gasoline smell a couple of times recently after shutting it down. Chassis is Ford E450 and genny is a 4 kw generac.

I have checked the fuel line for leaks and the connections at the carb but see no leaks. It is hard to say for sure but the smell seemed strongest near the back wheels and not real close to the genny itself. Also removed the air cleaner cover to check there but no more smell than you would expect near the carb.

Any ideas would be welcome. At this point I won't use it until we figure out what's up.
The generator could be causing a back pressure on the fuel system causing the tank to vent out the overflow tube which is usually co-located at the filler cap. Hot ambient air mixed with more heat being generated by the genset running will cause the gas tank to heat up as warm air builds under the vehicle. Those vapors will hug the underside of the vehicle.

I've seen some who set up a box fan beside their rigs to blow air under the vehicle while they are running the gen. They also use them to create a breeze to keep skeeters away from their outside sitting area too.
Thanks for the reply, that could be it since I can not locate any sign of a leak. I am parked in an area where some heavy vegetation restricts the breeze from coming through. Also have noticed it in the late afternoon during the heat of the day. Maybe a box fan might help....

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