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Nov 6, 2005
I have a 2005 Sandpiper 5th wheel, and its already wired for a Generater to be mounted in the front. Was wondering if I bought the generator, I a somewhat mechanically minded person could, like myself mount this. It has the neg/pos wires coming from the battery to start it, and a fused 30 amp wire going back to a transfer box. I think I would have to mount a remote start in the fuse panel area. What do you think? Generator in question would be a Onan Marques (sp) LP, 5500 watt, or equivalent.
You should be able to do it yourself but an Onan 5500 is heavy and awkward, so you will need help getting it into place.  The pros often se a forklift so they can slide it into place and suspend it while hook-ups are made, then lower it into place.

There are some things you need to plan out first. A primary one is where does the generator's exhaust go to?  You need to vent it away from the compartment somehow and you don't want it rising directly under the bedroom because of odors and CO. Another is heat shielding to protect the surrounding walls from melting or scorching. Perhaps a third is an air intake area for combustion and cooling, but some 5W have vent slots already in place.

If your rig is wired for only 30A, an Onan Microquiet 4000 is sufficient and you might even consider the Microlite 2800. The 2800 will run one a/c even though its total output is less than 30A.  Size & weight wise, the 2800 is going to be a much better fit than the larger units and they are supposed to be very quiet (a major consideration).
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