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For hard core survivalists or just people who live in hurricane areas, the advantage of propane is it never goes bad.  Gasoline can only be stored for a year, diesel can have problems with algae growth, propane will still be good when the container holding it rusts away.  Great to just put a big propane tank next to your whole-house emergency generator.

For RVers, if you are trying to stay out in the boondocks, I suspect you'll run out of propane long before you run out of gasoline, IF you stop and fill your gas tank before leaving the highway.

That said, I guess propane is cheaper than gas, although it also has less energy per gallon, so I don't know how those equations play out.  Oh, and there are some people who claim that an engine burning propane has less wear than an engine burning gasoline.  Don't know if that's true or not, myself.
I have the Champion 3500w dual fuel. Use it all the time. Never saw a drop of gasoline, but it's ready too if necessary. No need to carry gasoline while on the  road. 
What a great  unit!
The only real "con" is that propane has less energy per gallon than pure gasoline, so you use more.  A gallon of propane is about 80% of the energy of a gallon of gasoline. A gallon of diesel is about 113% of gasoline.  Todays E10 gas blend is about 98% of pure gasoline.

There is a handy table of gasoline equivalents in this Wiki:

I think it all depends on planned use. If the generator is part of a back up plan I would favor Propane. It's safer to store than gas and has a longer shelf life. You may also be able to make use of on board propane. Of course this will depend on connections on the RV as well as the generator.

If your planning on using it all the time I would give some thought to gas. But NEVER let gas sit in the Carb.

I agree that diesel is the best choice. But the upfront cost may break the budget. 

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