generator shut down

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Aug 7, 2006
I find out that my generator shuts down if my main fuel gage goes below half! man that stinks! is there any way to by pass that ?

also I own a gulfstream eudermax toy hauler and 1st time out, the back of rig drag going up a dirt incline some minor damage should I add the castor wheels to help it from hitting next time?


Typically, the generator fuel take off is at the quarter or third of a tank so you can't run yourself out of fuel with the generator and not be able to start the engine.  Half sounds too high, are you sure your gauge is accurate?
Virtually all modern gas gauges are extremely non linear.  I guess that the thinking is that a driver needs the expanded scale as he approaches the empty mark.  What I have found is that the gauge will stay on the full mark until the level is down to about two thirds.  When the gauge reads half you are down to quarter.  On your next trip, check the odometer reading for each mark on the gauge.  your genset is probably quitting at the prescribed quarter tank.
Ned and King are both right.  Mine stops at a little less than a 1/3  On our previous MH it would kick off at a 1/4 but it wouldn't start on less than a 1/3  Took me 2 years before I realized the sequence.
As fuel gauges are notoriously inaccurate, we use a VMSpc to track our fuel consumption, among other things, and use that to determine when to fill up.  If you don't have such instrumentation, then learn your fuel consumption (MPG) for the conditions you drive in and use the mileage to determine when to fill.
I plan my fuel ups around Flying J's/  after 3hrs are more it's time for a stretch of the old legs and see if the Lovely Wife is still with me. 
Besides ours is a gas unit and we keep current with the fuel mixes in the area we are in.  Maybe this is a stupid method but after all these years it works for us, unless the Boss goes inside.  But that's a whole different story.  That's when  I do a lot of back tracking to pick her up.
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