Generator won?t run or stay running

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Sep 3, 2018
We are newbies to the RV world and don?t know a lot about generators. So I?m hoping somebody can help. We just bought this 1999 National Tropical. The technician showed us the genertor working so we assumed all was fine. It is a Generac Q-55G Model 09592-3. However when we finally got it home (We live 2 hours from the dealer) the generator starts up fine but only runs for about 5 minutes and then quits. I?ve checked and added oil as well as made sure there is sufficient gas in the vehicle. I?m not really sure what to do. I shut off all the breakers before trying to start the generator and made sure the battery connect was on. The RV engine cranks right up with no issues. All the lights come on fine. The batteries are new. The fuel pump and oil filter look to be the newest things on the generator.  Now when I try and start the generator is just clicks until I let go.  The owners manual says it could be a relay? Any thoughts? Sorry for the long post, I?ve read some posts and trying to answer some of the main questions I saw asked.
First question is how much fuel in the tank?  Generator requires the RVs fuel tank is more than 1/4 full ... So how much fuel in the tank?

THere are several possible answers. ONe othe quesiton is the rig diesel or gas.

Had a friend who had a problem like that.. Once he got that fixed he had issues with the Rig's main issues... Had a technician on site who was scratching his head but not making any progress.. I'm not a diesel man.. I diagnosed it for him and given my "Suggestion" he fixed it and then he FIXED IT!.  I had "St. Joseph of Cupertino" syndrom that day.  Not much I know about fixing Big D's. but.. that was it. :)
These are guesses based on some experience.

1. Clicking is usually low voltage for starting, similar to a car.  Start your RV engine first or plug in shore power for awhile while trying to start the gen.  If it starts or turns over with no clicking then batteries are low or old.  If this is true it brings up a different problem.  Why did new batteries run down on 2 hour trip from the dealer? 

2. Runs for awhile and then quits is usually the generator fuel filter or carb.  Carbs that sit with gas in them for long periods of time get gummed up.  Your post states the fuel pump was replaced (looks new) they should have replaced the filter also.  I am not a carb expert so I will pass on possible ways to clean or adjust it. 

3.  I have seen a couple cases of trying to start with low voltage causing the flywheel to engage and get stuck.  Easy to diagnose.  Reach back to where the fly wheel is and see if you can turn it by hand, if you can it is not stuck.  If it is stuck, pull hard back and forth to see if you can dis-engage the starter, you will hear it let go and then the flywheel will move by hand.  One of the symptoms of this is the clicking sound when trying to start. 

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