Generator won't start from remote switches

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Jun 5, 2005
I have an Onan generator that work works like a charm, but I can only manually start it from the Trace remote panel.  If I start it from any of the remote switches, it will run for 50 seconds and then shut off.  If I restart from a remote switch, same thing, runs 50 seconds and shuts off. 

I've checked the programming on the Trace but cannot detect anything that would account for this.  It operates fine from the programming automatic start, and it observes quiet times, etc, but nothing I can see that would account for not being able to manually start (and keep running) from the remote switches.

Anyone have any observations/suggestions/etc?
What model Trace and Onan Genset are installed in your coach.  Does the Genset display any error codes?

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The Onan generator is the 7500 HDKAJ and the Trace remote is the RC7GS.

The problem does not appear to be with the generator, since it runs like a champ when turned on from the RC7GS remote panel.  It's just when I try to start it with the remote switches rather than the remote panel.

Anything come to mind before I take it in for repairs?

The problem with the remote genset switch is almost always the ground but try and cross the switch [short out ] the switch by holding a screwdriver across the switch terminals.  Make the switch think it is closed. 

Grounding problems are hard to find but others have reported the ground fault was right at the genset.


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