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Apr 13, 2005
Birmingham, AL
I am needing a little tech advice on using a portable generator with our TT.? Our TT has a 30amp service.? I guess my biggest question is : Can anyone tell me if this is really a 30amp 125v service or is it 220v.? Secondly, my generator has a 4 pole twist-lock plug that is rated @ 30amps 125v/220v.? I just need a little clarification so that I don't burn up the converter and other electronics in the TT.


Which make/model of generator so we can check it out online.
Thanks, that is what I thought, unfortunately, the local RV dealers are not very helpful with info.

The generator is a Pro-Gen 6500 with a 13hp  Robins engine. 
A Google search on Pro-Gen 6500 turned up a number of references including this one that shows the specs and also 3 outlets.? If doesn't show the wiring of the outlets, however, but the 3 prong should work OK with your RV.

There is a manual for the PM0601100 which is similar to the PM0606500 at It shows the same outlets as the 6500.? I couldn't find a manual for the PM0606500 model but the Coleman web page for it is

I would NOT use the 4 prong outlet as it's for a 220VAC connection.
Ned said:
I would NOT use the 4 prong outlet as it's for a 220VAC connection.

That would have been my advice also.
The general rule in RV's is 30 amps and below is 110, 50 amps and above is 220 (or 120/240 if you wish)

As for the generator... Most 120/240 generators have 3 outlets, the 4 pole twist lock is 240 volts and the standard 15 amp "Wall sockets" are wired one to each leg or one pair to each leg, in truth it matters not which you use, the "Wall socket" or the twist lock (properly wired with one specific lead left DISconnected) it's all the same to the gen-set.

However,,, Most gensets prefer (note, prefer is not the same as require) a balanced load, and your trailer is clearly NOT that.

Planned mod for my motor home is a box, likely in a storage compartment (Weatherproofed that way) with a 20 or 30 amp twist lock, 240 volt 4 prong, and a pair of standard 30 amp pigtail outlets.

That way I can use my "Vintage" (meaning older than the motor home) 30 amp "extension" cord to run stuff on the pignic table (That's not a typo) such as an electric grill or television or whatever.  or I can plug in an extension cord to run my house... Should edison fail

(The house is wired for 30 amps, 240 volt, twist lock, as a back up,,,, Got tired of running a rats nest of extension cords, this is clean, neat and a single conneciton to run furnance, refrigerator, and freezer, along with other needed lights and such., Only thing not on the E-panel I might need is the centeral AC, I'll live w/o in a blackout)
Thanks again for all the advice and info.? Here is the plan I am implementing.? ?I am coming off the Generator using the twist-lock plug but only using one of the "hot" legs, a neutral, and a ground.? Using 10/3 SO, it will run into a 30amp Load center.? From the load center I? will have about 20ft of 10/3 SO coming out to a weather proof box containing a 30amp female RV recepticle.? The load center will hang inside a 3-sided sound barrier that I have that covers the generator. The only reason that I decided to add the load center was to allow me to connect everything with no load therefore no arcing.? I also have a small intake fan mounted inside the generator cover to help load the generator before closing the breaker to the load-center.?

To clarify what generator I have, it is a Coleman Powermate? Pro-gen 6500.? Coleman no longer makes this model making it very hard to find info online.? This particular size is now listed under their proffesional line and now has a Honda engine instead of the Robins
If you are going to do that I'd put in two 30 amp RV style outlets, one on each leg, that way you can run one standard 30 amp RV cord to your trailer, and a second cord to a special made box, this cord, as purchased, has stripped ends on what would be the "outlet" end if it was an extension cord,  You hook it to a small home made load center, say, 4 15 amp breakers each feeding a 15 amp duplex outlet, and you have a power center for your picnic table or other use,,, Or the camper next door if he needs power.  Very nice

Note, the "Vintage" Extension cord I mentioned in the earlier post is this kind of cord, one 30 amp RV style plug, to 8 standard wall outlets (4 duplex or a pair of quad boxes)
After aliitle re-think thanks to  John In Detroit ,  I am going to add another line coming from the load center inorder to utilize the other leg on the generator.  However, on this line I am running out to a 30amp twist-lock female plug.  From here I am making a couple of attachments to serve what ever electrical needs may arise.  I am making one 30amp RV plug with the matching twist-lock male, and one split extension cord with 2 double gang boxes with 2 duplex recpticles each.  This way I  can just swap the end to suit my needs and not have to deal with two additional cords.  Just store both unless needed. 

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