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Mar 5, 2005
I have not seen George Mullen post for quite a while.  Anyone know if he is OK?

George hasn't been here for almost 12 weeks. Did he take a long trip in his new coach?
I have been wondering about George Mullen to.  Have missed him here.  Sure hope he is alright.  Anybody heard from him lately?
I exchanged several emails with him back in June, but haven't heard since.  Without his beloved Ozwin, George has not been as active as he once was.  I'll pop a message out on Roaming Friends and see what's up.
Those of you who also subscribe to Roaming Friends already know that George is alive and well, except for some hard drive problems on his laptop.  His daughter, SIL and grandkids moved to Las Vegas from Florida (courtesy of the USAF), so George & Jean have been spending a lot of time there in their new Dolphin.

George says that when he gets his computer straightened out, you can expect to see a bit more of him here.
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