Georgie Boy For Fulltime??

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Apr 3, 2005
near seattle wa
Greetings from Washington State!  We are new to this site as well as soon to be permanent RVers as we are selling our home to eventually travel the country, doing puppet shows! We are looking at a Georgie Boy 32' Cruise Air III with lots of extra options, engine has 30k miles, so feel its a good one. Any comments or suggestions appreciated to us newbies!    Cowboy Dan
When buying a used Motorhome it is a good idea to pay to have it looked over by a trusted repair shop.  If it has a Generatoir start the genset and load it by running both air conditioners and let them run for a few minutes.  Tire life is 5 to 7 years from date of manufacture so check the date code so you know how old the tires are.  Good luck on the new to you MH.
Ron's right!  Have it checked out by someone you know does not have any connection or interest in the seller.  If you can get a seasoned RVer have alook at the coach in addition to a service technician who can check the mechanics and various components it would be even better.  The perspective of a seasoned RVer is different from someone who does repairs.

My only reservation is the size of the coach you are considering for fullltime use.  Most fulltimers prefer a coach closer to forty feet with a diesel engine for power and torque.  You may find a thirty foot coach just does not have the storage space required for fulltiming.

Storage space is not the only consideration, but also the living space in a larger coach provides a bit more comfort and private space for each partner.

Diesel coaches in the forty foot category are typically built for heavier duty use ie fulltiming....and components like the levelling jacks, commode, shower cooking appliances, fridge...just about everything is more robust.

A common mistake made by newcomers to the RV lifestyle is to purchase a coach too small at first, then trade in a year later, losing the depreciation of the smaller coach.

Tell us more about your plans and the features of the Georgie Boy for more insights.
Thanks Don and Ron for replying,
Hope I worked this right as far as posting again? Wasnt sure how to do that but will learn for sure! We are looking into a Georgie Boy 32' Cruise Air III with 30,000 miles, also has the Banks System exhaust, electronic hydralic levelers, 7k Kohler Generator w/ 100 hrs, 2 AC units, 2 furnaces, 100 gal fresh water, and 100 gal black/grey water. Tires were bought in last couple of years. Also has a hitch with a towbar to pull vehicle behind it. Underneath storage is lighted and heated. So that is a few of the options, has one other one but forgot what it was.  Owner said the previous original owner had ordered it from the factory in 90 and the cost then was orig 72000. This owner paid 35000 and is looking to sell it to me for 16000 as He has known me for several years and knows we are planning on traveling with our puppet show around the country. Again appreciate any suggestions too. Am looking into getting a T mobile phone and using laptop to have internet connection as well to maintain my website for the puppet show____Dan & Sharyl
Dan and Sharyl,

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Dan & Sharyl,

I had a friend that had a Cruise Air coach and they seemed happy with it. The 100 gals black.grey water. ?Is that one tank or say 60 gals grey 40 gal black? ?Either way is ok but the gey water fills first.

If this coach is a 1990 model then 100 hrs on the generator is not much time for a generator 15 years old Gensets do not like not being used. ?This I would check out to insure the Generator runs and will carry the load. ?Generators that have not been run for a long period of time tend to get varnish buildup in the fuel system and may require overhaul of the carb. ?Be sure to start the Generator and run both air condisioners for 15 - 30 minutes. ?While running the air conditioners check to make sure they are working and putting out cold air. ?

Also do check the date codes on the tires. ?Sometimes even though a person just bought new tires the tires could have been in the dealers storage for a couple years. ?We wouldn't want you to start out having tire problems afer RVing is suppose to be fun. ?The video found HERE will tell you how to read the date codes as well other need to know information on tires.

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