Gidday eh?

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Nov 10, 2012
Hello from Ottawa Ontario Canada.

My mate and I have camped for well over thirty years, then switched to a two acre country property with a small cabin...four season heated by wood. 

So foul weather took its toll on camping and the repetition of going to the same place all the time took its toll on a cabin.

A perfect storm took shape when a GMC V8 Sierra popped up at a bargain, and a dealer was liquidating RV stock. So we picked up a 5th wheel and truck and now after our third outing may need the help of RVA, (rvers' anonymous )  think we are hooked.



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Sep 4, 2012
You made me smile with your Gidday eh. I had an uncle at Maberly Ont. in Lanark county and when you went to visit him you were always greeted with a Gidday , Gidday, Gidday, and that was a happy greeting and fond memory. Our American friends sure get a blast out of our eh but that ok eh.
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