Giving Kudo's to Winnie AGAIN

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Nov 17, 2010
We can't say enough good things about Winnebago!  When we were at the GNR this past summer they did some work on our MH out of warranty and did not charge us, we were impressed to say the least!  Now, we are having to have some more work done and they are covering that too!  When we were at the GNR they replaced the rollers on our large passenger side slide out because it was leaving marks on our tile, now the drivers side slide is doing the same thing.  I called them and they said just to take it to our dealer and they'd pay for it!  In the mean time, when closing our slide the mechanism popped out the side, they're going to pay to fix that too!  GREAT CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!!

Now, Carefree...that's another thing.  When they built out MH they used the wrong fabric for our awnings (not UV coated) and it's turning color.  (looks green) Anyway, they're sending us the fabric for free, but we have to pay for the labor to install.  Some reason this doesn't sit well with me since this really was their fault!! 

I just wanted to let everyone know how great Winnebago has been for us!!  We will definitely buy another Itasca/Winnebago product again when this one wears out...hopefully, not for a long time!!  LOL
Hmmm, maybe if they had better quality control to begin with, there wouldn't be a need for out of warranty work. Just sayin'.  ;)
You probably have a good point, but really we haven't had any major issues with our rig and are really still loving it!  We had a MH before this one and had nothing but trouble and that company went out of business.... :mad:

We're just impressed with the fact that they do seem to stand behind their product and are giving us good customer service.  We have an extended warranty, so we would've used that if necessary!

Just my opinion...
We are on our 2nd Winnie, and agree with you, we love the motorhome and the company, we would buy another one and do recommend to our friends.
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