Goose Neck Hitch Brand.....?

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Sep 30, 2005
Good evening Gals & Gents...... About to have a goose neck hitch installed in our '06 GMC 2500HD
Brand selection has come down to "PopUp Industries - Flip Over" or "B&W - TurnOver".....?
Does anyone have any experience with either....? Your opinions appreciated...!!
I have the B&W turnover hitch and love it. From a mechanism stand point there is little to fail. Some installations make it easier to get the hitch release to catch while turning over the ball or installing the 5th wheel companion; but when you are towing there is little to fail.
The B&W 5th wheel companion is a two piece system that takes about ten minutes to install in your truck. It has a number of height and forward/back position adjustments to customize the hitch to your truck and trailer.
I switch back and forth from a gooseneck application to a 5th wheel application quite often  and the only downside is the 5th wheel components are about 100 pounds a piece so sometimes it?s a little cumbersome to move them about. On the plus side I have little doubt they are sturdy and able to handle my trailer with plenty of upside room. I?ve installed a few 5th wheel hitches for my friends and have never found one that has the same size jaws and sturdy feeling as the B/W. (This of course is not to criticize anyone?s hitch as I?m sure I have not seen them all!)
As for the pop up and flip up hitches; I do have a friend with the flip up hitch and they like it; but it seems to me it doesn?t have the versatility.
I'm on  my second B&W turn over hitch. No problems.  We have had GN adapters on our trailers and like the extra range of motion versus the 5th wheel hitches.  I had a couple of trucks with the pop up or fold over hitches.  Sand and grit can render them bound up, but I spent more time ranching then than RV'ing.  I wouldn't go back to the fold over after having the B&W's.
I have a gooseneck hitch in my GMC 3500 and I want to add my 5th wheel hitch to my truck. My truck accessories dealer tells me it can't be done, but I know I have seen trucks with both hitches. Any advice would appreciated.
What kind of gooseneck hitch do you have? If it's a B&W turnover, then you can buy the 5th wheel companion from B&W. If it's just a ball on a plate I would think you could still mount conventional rails and put in a conventional 5th wheel hitch. You also might have seen folks with conventional 5th wheel rail mounts who then also bought the gooseneck hitch plate.
Go to a welding shop/fabricator who sells hitches; those guys/gals are more likely to look at the problem and find a solution then your typical RV Dealership or U-Haul store.
Also, if you are just towing your 5th wheel, you can get adapters that go over the trailer kingpin and convert it into a gooseneck hitch.

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