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Mar 6, 2006
Hello All,

My name is Polly and my husband is Greg.  We just bought our first truck (Ford F350 CC SRW FX4 6.0 SWB) in preparation of purchasing our first 5th wheel.  We are looking forward to hitting the road.  Not full time, as we are not retired yet, but plan to be gone a few months out of the year.  I am very excited about this, and am excited about finding this forum! 

I hope as we gain our own experience with this, we will be able to return any favors by being able to post valuable information to help others.  Right now, we will be gleaning from all of you experienced ones all that we can so that we can have a safe and happy experience.  It is nice to meet all of you and we enjoy reading all of your posts!

Polly & Greg,

Welcome to the RV Forum.  You have found the right place to get answers to any question you might have to help you with your search for the perfect 5er.  Glad you found us.

Hi Polly & Greg,

Welcome to the forum. You've come to the right place for information and fun. Where are you located in FL? We're in Titusville.
We are in Palm Coast and boy is this town growing by leaps and bounds!  By the way, I am dealing with Leisure Time RV (actually their Winter Garden location, but they have a location in Titusville).  Have you ever dealt with this dealer before?  Ever heard of any complaints?  I have another post on this forum about this dealer in W.G. telling me my new 2006 Ford F350 I just got a couple of days ago is too high to pull a fifth wheel. 

Polly & Greg

When we had our 5th wheeler the Z71 4 wheel drive truck was too high also. I changed the trailer springs from under the axles to on top of the axles and the height of the trailer was then just right for the truck. Not much effort. The trailer center of gravity was then about 5  inches higher, so you had to be a little more careful with fast turns. Had to install taller shocks also.

Is your Ford a 4x4? The Ford 4x4's are tall and Ford has a lowering kit for them (or did have for previous years, at any rate). 

If not a 4x4, I am skeptical there is a real problem.  I know a couple folks with 2005 F350 diesels, both full kit crew cabs with trailer towing package, and they have no problem at all with their large fifth wheels. I had a 99 Superduty myself when we had fifth wheels and, while it was indeed tall, the height was not an issue.  Is the 2006 supposed to be taller than earlier models?  I actively participate in multiple RV web sites and have seen no owner complaint about this alledged problem. I have, however, seen another reference to a dealer saying that - wonder if it might have been the same dealer?

I wonder if he may be referring to the sides on the box rather than the height from the ground. A "deep" box can leave only a small clearance between the bottom edge of the fiver's front overhang and the sides of the pickup box. As the trailer rocks from side to side, it can come close to hitting the sides.  I've never heard of one actually hitting, but if it were an issue I suppose one could use a taller fifth wheel hitch or shim up the hitch's bed rails to raise it an inch or two.

I suggest going to a hitch shop where they install fifth wheel hitches all the time and ask if they are aware of any problem with your model of truck.  And consider buying your hitch there instead of through the dealer.
Hi Polly & Greg,

I sent a reply this morning but it looks like it didn't make it!

Titusville is growing as well. We have 5 new high rise condo units on the Indian River. Thankfully Brevard county has set aside a few million dollars to purchase river front property. At least we'll have some waterfront left for the public. It appears some of the owners are really trying to rape the county by asking exhorbitant money for property that has no possibility for building. County will take under eminent domain if they don't become more reasonable.

Sometimes the height of the bed rails is a problem with 5ers. Two options are extending the pin box for more clearance and flipping the axles. If you raise the pin box too much the axles will have to be flipped to level the rig for travel. Not something you want to do unless really necessary. You need around 6-7" of clearance between the bed rails and the overhang on the rig. Otherwise they might hit going through dips especially in campgrounds. I've seen one or two where this happened.

I haven't heard anything good or bad about the dealership.
I think overall, that dealership is reputable.  They have been in business a long time.  My sales person steered me wrong, though by telling me that my new truck wouldnt pull a fifth wheel without major trailer modifications. (axle flipping)

I went to another dealer yesterday and they put me right at ease.  Nothing to change or modify.  I was told it would be a good fit without flipping the axles and the trailer would still be level.  Because my comfort level with the other dealer went out the window at that point, we actually switched to the other dealer and will be taking delivery in a few days.

We are so excited we can't wait.  A major purchase should be a joy, not a huge hurdle and problem.  The joy is back and I am so ready to hit the road.  We dont even know where we are going first!  Our first trip probably needs to be in Florida and just for a few days to break it in.  Any suggestions???

As far as the truck goes, for anyone about to purchase a fifth wheel who has a newer model Ford or Dodge, if your dealer tells you it won't work without major adjustments, get another opinion just to make sure.  For us, it paid off. 

Hi Polly,

Hope the second dealer is more correct than the first. :) You could always head down to Titusville for a couple of days. We'll be here until the end of next week. Staying fairly local is a very good idea.

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