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Sep 18, 2005
Santa Rosa, CA
Hello RVForum folks. Hope you all are having as much fun as we are when RVing. I am hoping to pick up useful info and tips here.
Welcome to the RV Forum.  Please join in any of the ongoing discussions or start new discussions relating to the RVing lifestyle.  Ask any question you might have regarding RVing.  Glad you found us.
Hi Hammeron and welcome to our forum. What part of Northern CA are you from? What make/model RV do you have?
Hello Tom and Ron. We' re from Santa Rosa, CA. We currently own a Rexhall Vision Class A 30' and pull a Wrangler via Blue Ox. We previously owned a 27" Aljo 5th wheel. I enjoyed the 5th wheel but it made the Mrs. nervous so, here we are. I must admit it is far easier to get the Rexhall ready to go. We've had it about one year now and use it about twice per month. Far more often than the 5th wheel. I would prefer something a bit larger and perhaps a diesel pusher for more power. I'm glad to be here and be able to read of others experiences. We enjoy weekends on the coast and just had a great time up in the Mt. Shasta area. We've got some great RVing spots here in northern California.
Why not consider taking some time and joining us at the quartzsite rally in January.  Great time there and a great time to meet several of the Framily.  I would be quite a trip from Northern Calif but I think it would be well worth the trip.
Hi Hamnmeron,

We have several friends who live or have lived in Santa Rosa. Small world.

We live on the Delta, in the San Joaquin valley, so we're not that far away from you. My wife and I have RV'd around the Delta for 20 years. FYI I recently posted this list of RV parks around the Delta.

We just came back from 6 weeks in OR and WA and passed Shasta just a week ago on the way home.

Looking forward to your participation here.
Hi Hammeron,

Welcome to the forum! Good to see you here. We were in your area this past spring. Spent time with our Wizop and his wife on the Delta and then drove to Oregon via Rt. 101. It was a beautiful drive!

We are now back on the East Coast for at least a year.

Gentlemen, thanks for all the replies. This is an excellent forum offering so much good information. We're heading out this weekend for the Gualala River Redwood RV Park which is a beautiful park right on the river. Gualala is a coastal community on the north coast heading towards Point Arena, Manchester, and Mendocino. Thought I might try a little fishing while there. One of our favorite spots is at the Manchester Beach KOA. Very nice sites in a great coastal setting. Winter camping on the coast is fun and with hardly anyone out there. We enjoy it.

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