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Neddy Boy

Apr 20, 2006
Hello to all.? Finally got my motor home which I bought from my cousin.? He had to sell for finance issues.? I am now the proud owner of a 2001 Winnebago Chieftain.? Now ready to learn more about the RV.? Can't wait to get goin out on the road.

Welcome to our forum and congratulations on the Winnebago.
Welcome Ned,

I'm sure you'll have many happy travel adventures in your new Winnie! Take a little time and review the current topics on the Forum as well as the many helpful topics covered in our library, and ask away with any questions that may pop up. 
Welcome to the group. Mike and I also have a Winnie. Any questions you have, I'm sure someone here will know the answer.

Howdy Ned,

Welcome to the RV Forum and congratulations on the Winnebago.  Please join in on any of the ongoing discussions, ask questions, or start new discussions relating to RVing.  Glad you found us.
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