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John From Detroit

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Apr 12, 2005
Davison Michigan
Well, I guess I found you folks, John in Detroit, Soon (I hope) to be John FROM Detroit (it's a great place to be FROM don't you know) once I get the house cleaned out (major job) and the keys to the Intruder (Minor job, that one just takes time, they got to build the thing  after all.

I come via http://community.compuserve.comn/rv where I used to and still hang out, but the software there is... Well, I hope it's better here

I can still be reached there  AOL/Yahoo And ICQ-Nickname all WA8YXM, so is the license plate on my toad, once I have something to tow it with, and the small yellow retangel in my pocket with FCC on it)

Glad you found us, and, yes, the software here is much better  ;D
Glad you found us.  Like Ned indicated the software here is much better.  Folks are even getting on via cell phone without running up their minute at an alarming rate.
Bob Maxwell said:
Glad you made it! Missed you at the Virtual Campfire!


Sorry I missed you last nite. Been fighting pleurisy the last week and the brain still isn't functioning right. AZ is now the same as Pacific time so I tuned in at 9PM and it took me quite a while to figure out why nobody was there. :D

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