Happy Birthday Pat Dick

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Betty Brewer

Moderator Emeritus
Mar 10, 2005
To my good friend Pat Dick.

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Haaaappppy  Biiirthdaaaay dear Pat
Happy Birthday to you.....and many mooore.

I Know it is a big birthday for you, (you know all of them with zeros or 5's are the big ones)

How does it feel to be 50? :)

I  vividly recall one  birthday you had in  while in Moab.  I was giving you a birthday toast and trying to summarize my feelings ....  I recall  knowing that you are my friend and  much more than even family.  It just came to me...... this group of RV Forum friends is like FRAMILY.

Hence the beginning of the term  framily.  Happy Birthday.  We will miss you guys at Moab. But I promise to buy some jewelry in your honor.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAT and many more.  Wish you guys were here.
A very happy birthday Pat from both of us.

Tom & Chris
Hi Betty,

Thanx for the good wishes.  I am now an official, card-carrying, Medicare recipient!!

I recall your "framily" year, and I also recall the year that you said you would going into town and I volunteered to go with you.  How did I know you were going to buy my Birthday present??!!  Then there was last year when we all dined with a gorgeous view of the red rocks on the mountains.  Aren't we lucky????!!!!!

We miss you all and hope you have a great time (I have no doubt you will).

Thanx again for remembering!

Hi "D2",

Thanx for the Birthday greeting.  I, too, hope I enjoy many more.  It sure beats the alternative!!

Enjoy your travels.  We look forward to hearing about them when you/we return to Florida.

Hi Lorna,

Thanx for your message.  It was a nice day, albeit nothing out of the ordinary.  I babysat in the morning, we went for lattes in the afternoon, and then out to dinner tonight.  It was great!

We miss you all, too.  Just save some trails for us to investigate when we next get to Moab!

sHi Tom & Chris,

Thanx for the thoughts!  We sure miss not being with you.  Actually, I wish I could see this year's "Non-Talent" Show!!!

We'll be thinking about you!

Hi Jack and Liz,

Thanx for your Birthday greetings! 

I hope you're enjoying your travels.  There's a lot to see out there!!

Hi Ron & Sam,

Thanx for the Birthday greeting!  Once again, my mother has been proven correct.  She always said she wasn't getting any older, it's just that the kids were catching up to her!  Our son sent me a message that it was hard to believe he had a mother my age.  I responded it was hard for me to believe that I had a son who's 41!!  You see, they DO start to catch up to you, because I only FEEL about 45!  (No comments, please.  I said "feel", not "look"!)

Hope you're enjoying Moab.  The pictures sure look like you are!!

We sure look forward to seeing you on the road!

Yep it is amazing how the kids start catching up with us.  Being just a little over 29 like you and Jim we have the same feeling.  Hope you had a wonderful day.  We are looking forward to seeing you guys again too.

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