Happy Birthday Sam

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Thank you for the Birthday message.? And yes Ron is taking me out to dinner tonight.? We are in Lewistown and today being Thur, I went to the quilt shop for our weekly get together.
Thanks again...Sam and Ron, too :D
Happy birthday Sam from another July 14 baby!
Thank you all for the Birthday greetings.  Had a great day.  Ron took me out to dinner last night, and we both stuffed ourselves.  Thanks again...Sam
Hey Tom..July 14 is a good day.  Happy Birthday right back at ya!  Sam

Belatedly HAPPY BIRTHDAY!.? Hope you had a good one, and the same to you TOM!
Happy Birthday Tom and Sam!!

Sam, sorry we got delayed on our trip.? Would have been nice to be there to celebrate.? Looks like now we depart August 7.? We will stay 5 days in Gettysburg.? Then 6 more days in the Ohio Indiana area.? Then another week or so to get to Montana.? I think we will have to eliminate Branson MO.  This will save us a week, but is breaking the Admiral's heart.

So we are guessing by late August early September we will arrive in Lewistown.? I need to talk to Ron about getting our dish ordered.? I want to have it shipped direct to you guys.

Our house finally closed last week after the closing was delayed 6 times.? Twice due to water testing and 4 times due to buyer financing.? We are here rent free until August 6.? But we are not here much, traveling out of state most of the time.? I think we are going to throw away a LOT of good stuff, as we just do not have time for marketing. :D

I cannot wait to be free of "stuff" and living the gypsy life.  The Admiral is just as excited, so life is good.
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