Happy Thanksgiving!

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Aug 5, 2018
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I hope you all have a great day tomorrow filled with food and/or family and lots of thankfulness!
I'm most thankful for my kids, they're awesome little people and I'm lucky to be able to spend so much time with them making memories.
Same to you Amanda- I bet they are thankful for you! You're an awesome mom from what I can tell.... have a great day!
A Very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Among the many things I Thankful for I must say The people on this site are near the top of the list. The knowledge and and entertainment on this site has save me countless hours of labor and money.

One of the things I've leaned,
Always click on any link concerning Black Tanks....The jokes will soon follow...LOL
I too will take this chance to wish all a happy thanksgiving a Merry Christmass. A joyus new year and best wishes for the other 20+ hollidays between now and mid-january.
I'll add my good wishes also for a Happy Thanksgiving to you all.  We have so much to be thankful for and, yes, one of them is our RV Forum "Framily" whom we've enjoyed for many years, both online and in person.  We're looking forward to seeing some of you in the year ahead.

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I would like to add my wishes for a Happy Turkey Day!  I think we are having ham. :-\

I am most thankful for my Lord, my family, and this Framily.  You mean an awful lot to me.  Gizmo phrased it quite well.
Yep, happy turkey day, guys! I do turkey day and xmas all at once, smoke a turkey and give my 4 girls(adult) a chunk of money to help them with xmas with the understanding that they gotta buy a present from me for all the grandkids.  Then I buy myself something and get it wrapped and put it under the tree and tell them all that's what they got me for xmas!
I'll echo a "Happy Thanksgiving" to all! We're having a slightly delayed Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday so our entire family can be there. Work and volunteering obligations are keeping several of us from getting together today.
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Yesterday I said my prayers giving a long long list of THANKS for waking up alive, for having a tiny home, for having food, for having a dog, and best of all for having both earthly and heavenly angels in my life.

Thank you.  ;D

At 1pm, I enjoyed an intimate dinner with 60 other people (RV Park)  of which I knew about 20 of them. My plate overfloweth with a tiny spoonful of just about every single dish on the buffet. Each of the 60 patrons had brought a dish to share, so it was an awesome display of delectable treats. I only took about 1 or 2 ounces of turkey just so I would have room to sample everything else.

At 4pm we reconvened to share desserts.

By 6pm I was on my couch which has builtin recliners. I turned on my fireplace and watched a dreadful movie I can not recommend called "Awkward Thanksgiving" I think they should have named it "Awful Thanksgiving Movie".  ::)

All in all I am super grateful! Especially since I fell asleep during the movie, I kept waiting for something to happen... and well the nap took over.
I appreciate having a holiday dedicated to giving thanks, but I give thanks everyday for all the Lord has blessed me with, even things that I may consider bad at the time.
We are at our S&B and decided to make it an old fashioned Thanksgiving like the ones we remember from our childhood.  WE DID IT! 

All afternoon we snacked on Pate, vegetable dip, crackers with cram cheese and jalapenos, deviled eggs and nuts.

Then the main course.
Roast turkey with stuffing, cranberries, scalloped corn, candied sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes with gravy, green been casserole, rolls, wine, Pumpkin and Blueberry pie.

We had the Grandkids at the table and after grace had a very  nice hour eating and talking.  No phones or electronics.

It was really nice.

Then this morning the son of a friend that winters in Texas called to tell us his Father had passed away Tuesday.  He didn't show up at the daughters for Thanksgiving Dinner and they found him passed away in bed.  Sad.

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