hard water and pluming

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Apr 28, 2005
I am staying at a park with hard water. It leaves a hard, crusty residue on my pots and my cat water dish. I'm worried about my plumbing. I was planning to stay here for 6 months. Should I move? Is there something I can do to protect my plumbing. I have a filter. Please help.
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Welcome to the RV Forum.  The only way I know to deal with hard water is ti use a water softener like we do.  They are available from Camping World or we got ours from a vendor in Quartzsite.  We also have two filters that we installed prior to getting the water softener.  Hopefully others will have some better ideas.

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I'd suggest a 2 stage water filter, 1st stage is an inexpensive sediment filter and the 2nd stage a KDS type filter, that will take out most of the crud and stuff from your water, faucets and pots will stay a lot cleaner :) :)
Thanks to both of you. I have the cheap filiter, I'll see if I can locate a "KDS" filter and a water softener. I appreciate your help.
Another way to go is to add a reverse osmosis filter system. It seems to have solved all of my water problems and I was able to get it at Sams club for about $160.00, I installed it myself (with help from a friend) in about 3 hours. It gives you almost pure water and all of the scale on the faucets has disappeared.

The screen on your faucet outlets will probably fill with crud and gradually block the flow of water from the taps (kitchen, bath and shower head). The screens can be removed and cleaned - just unscrew the head where the water comes out.

If the water is so hard you can see scum already, I would consider moving if there is another campground with already-softened water available.
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