Harry Belafonte -- good-will ambassador?

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BernieD said:
And your point is ??? ??? ???

Hi Bernie:

Probably referencing AARP nominating Belafonte for Humanitarian Man of the Year or something like that for his work with UNICEF -- while Belafonte is making remarks such as "Bush is the biggest Terrorist in the world" while visiting and appearing very chummy with Chavez and "Colin Powell is a House ******" (I think to Larry King).

Some feel that he should be chastised vs. being honored. Others feel they might drop their AARP membership unless they retract the Nomination. Here's AARP's Blog, comments . . .


I fear a thread with this topic could go political in a heartbeat . . .? ;) :) :(
Remember that Carl is the political Sheriff around here and I sure wouldn't care to tangle with him. So beware!
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