Has anbody ran wires or installed custom electronics in their RV?

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Jul 28, 2006
I'm looking to install a PC multimedia entertainment center (laptop) with flat panel tv into my current TV cabinet in the RV.  I am going to pull out the cheesy looking 11" bubble tv and 2 head VCR.  My house entertainment (music/tv/movies) is ran via PC, so I would be able to download wirelessly all of our stuff for travel.

My question is this - has anybody attempted to run wires in their RV (hidden, of course).  Do you have any advice - any pitfalls to avoid, etc?  If you had any pictures, that would be great.

My thinking is to connect the laptop into the head unit of the cab (to take advantage of the speaker system throughout the RV), but I would need to run the cables about 10 feet or so to do this.

Has anybody else installed any custom PC / or audio/video solutions into their RV?


- Chris
:) Hi ChrisB. I have done just that in 2 of our RV's. I use an LCD TV for Satellite and the PC. There are various ways to run cables and the like. I mounted our PC in the corner of a bedroom and ran the cables in the blank wall between the bedroom and the cupboards. In the front. You can run cablles down the finishing covers that are in the corner of the front windows that run from the top front cupboards and the front engine bay. Cables can usually be run along where the false bottoms or backs in cupboards already carry cables. Happy wire running.  ;)

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