Has anyone found happiness with a reasonably priced air mattress?

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Mar 5, 2005
We're not estatic with the standard mattress in our trailer.  It's a short queen 60 x 75.

And, we need a air mattress for short term use.  It would be nice to find something suitable to replace the rv mattress.

But the price of the Sleep Number beds is out of our range of reasonableness.

We have a Sleep Number at home, but the mattress in our coach was not. While we were on the maiden voyage my back was suffering very badly. I went shopping while we were visiting the kids in Kentucky and found several other brands of dual air mattress. I chose one and have been a happy camper ever since.

I can't recall the brand, but it cost half the price of the Sleep Number. It does the same thing, but the pump on the cheaper brand is louder. After visiting every furniture store in town, I found the air mattresses at a "beds only" type store.

FWIW a friend bought a sleep number mattress for much less than their regular price when they had a closeout of an old model online.
Just found the info on the air mattress we bought for the coach. It's queen size, made by Strata, a Canadian company that I believe went out of business. It cost $750, a closeout price, at Snuggy's Mattress Express in Florence, KY.

IIRC we paid around $3,000 for the Sleep Number at home, but that's for a California King and included the foundation.
We paid $730 for our Comfortaire air mattress, but that was in 1997.

One caveat if you buy one of the cheaper brands..... don't know if this applies to them all, but I have to let air out of ours before we travel to/through high elevations to avoid the possibility of breaking a seam. It's like the bag of potato chips on an airplane at 35,000 feet.

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