Have you checked Ur Emergency Exit Lately?

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Steve CDN

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Jan 31, 2005
Every RV is equipped with an emergency exit, so occupants can escape if the coach flips on the side of the entry door.  The emergency escape is often located in the bedroom, on the driver side of the coach.

This emergency exit window should be periodically opened in order to remove dust, sand and debris that might have accumulated around the fram which might make it difficult to open in an urgent situation.

Have you ever tried to climb out of the emergency window?  Considering it's about five feet off the ground and the window is higed at the top, imagine yourself climbing out of a burning coach with perhaps a broken arm or sever laceration on some part of your body.

What about a handicapped person, in a wheelchair, a lady with severe osteoporosis or a gentleman with poor eyesight?

These questions should be pondered while the coach is safely parked in your driveway or current campground location, and the logistics of possible escape should be worked out before the actual situation....hopefully never occurs.

Have you ever had to use the emergency exit out of necessity?  Tell us your experience to help us make a realistic plan for an eventuality we hope never to experience.

I haven't opened or checked the emergency exit hatch, like yours in the bedroom drivers side, since we took delivery of the Eagle.  I did check it out during the delivery but not since.  You have prompted me to put that is on my must do list.  Very good questions. 

Thanks for bring that to our attention.
Just added it to my to-do/check list Steve. Thanks for the reminder.
My Arctic Fox trailer has a full sized door in the bedroom, in addition to the main entry in the living/dining area.  All I have to do is unlatch the door and I'm out.  If I forgot to put out the step it's about a 2 1/2 ft. drop to the ground.

I also have an emergency window on the opposite side of the room, above the head of the bed.  The only time I would have to exit through it is if something should knock the trailer onto it's right side while I'm inside.
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