He stopped loving her today

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Are you sure he's not playing Possum?

Gonna miss George and that voice.

Old George had his devils but his voice was not one.

RIP and save me some of that White Lightning
One of my favorites is C. C. Water Back, a duet with Haggard and Jones.  It was a little irreverent, but they had a rockin' good time singing it.

    Did he ride off to Heaven on a riding lawn mower?  We'll miss you Possum.
I am not a country fan but hard not to know who he was.
Poor George, he was born with a silver flask in his mouth.  Seriously though, I did like his music.  From "The Race Is On" to "Choices".
Say what you will about George, but he sang what is arguably the greatest love song in country music (He Stopped Loving Her Today).
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