headed to Arizona, any suggestions ?

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Mar 28, 2006
My wife and I are taking off for two to three weeks on our first trip in our just purchased 5 er. We decided to tour AZ. while its still relative cool. We live on the central coast in Ca and have made a few trips to AZ. in the past when our 4 children were small. Now as empty Nester's we are headed off on our own ! Our initial idea was to head south and then work our way up north,( avoiding the heat..some kind of rational ? )

Any suggestions on what we absolutely must see....places to stay or avoid....routes to take or flee ???

looking forward to some hints  ( we'll keep you posted along the route )

Fred and Kathy
We are currently at a great RV Park, Tombstone Territories RV Park, in Huachua City, AZ.  It is close to Tombstone which we visited Monday and Tuesday and would definitely recommend it (the park and Tombstone).  If you go to Tombstone, see the gunfight at Helldorada - it is hysterical!! (4.00 admission/3.00 Sr. Cit.)  The gunfight at the O.K. corral is also worth seeing.  There is limited seating at the O.K. corral shoot out (held only at 2:00 p.m.) so you may want to buy your tickets early.  You can get a combo ticket for $7.50 for O.K. corral gunfight, Historoma and newspaper publication office.  We also enjoyed the stage coach ride - a little expensive at $10.00 pp plus tip but a good overview of the town and history and how often can you ride a stage coach.

We are headed to Bisbee today for the Queen Mine tour which was recommended to us by Jim Dick.

Tombstone Territories RV Park is about 9 miles from Tombstone and picturesque views of the mountains and glorious sunrises and sunsets.  They honor Passport America for 7 days (electricity is metered).  Not many RVs here now.  We glanced at the RV parks in Tombstone and outside Sierra Vista in touring this week and most look very close together and not nearly the views we are experiencing here. 

We head north in Arizona from here in our travels so I can't help you much outside the Tombstone area.

We took the the Queen Mine in Bisbee and it was wonderful.  My husband said it was the best money we spent on an tour ($12.00 + tax pp).  I would put this on the must do list.  You go under ground and it is chilly so long pants and a jacket is recommended (temp. under ground runs 45-51 degrees and there are breezes). 

Jim Dick - you suggested another winner!!

Afterwards, we went to Dot's Diner and saw the Shady Dell Travel Trailer Park.  For those that don't know, Shady Dell has old travel trailers they have restored and rent out like motel rooms.  Dot's Diner is an old original Valentine Diner and is really cool if you like the old 40's/50's/60's stuff like I do.

I have attached some pix.



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There are plenty of great National Park Service sites in Arizona from Grand Canyon (and it is GRAND) to Walnut Canyon, Sunset Crater, and Wupatki to Tuzigoot to Chiracahua and many more (Organ Pipe, Saguaro, I could keep going). There are also great state parks....Alamo Lake or Buckskin Mountain on the Colorado River.

Of course, it might be getting a touch warm in Arizona especially for coastal Californians.

And the North Rim of Grand Canyon (once it opens). Also Pipe Spring Nat Monument if you're driving through the Arizona strip.

Good thing you're retired since we've just given you a couple of years of places to stop  :D
Wally  Good look on the cool weather, supposed to be near 100 1st of the week.  However, we will be back at the Pueblo
El Mirage RV amd Golf Resort late next week and looking forward to going to White Tank Mountain  Zoo  and view the 6 ft white alligator, plus the rest of the great zoo.  Should you want to join us You are welcome
Hi Darlene,

Happy to hear you enjoyed the mine tour. Don't forget about the Magic Circle of Cochise! Chiricahua National Monument is worth it.
You must see Sedona!!!! Good RV park that is reasonable and only a short drive to Sedona just South of Flagstaff.
You might try Fool Hollow State Park at Show Low if you want GOOD facilities, a peaceful environment, and good fishing.  Park is superb with full amenities.  It's at 6000+ feet and we just returned from a week there.  If you go, be sure to try Charlie Clark's Steak House in Pine Top.  Excellent food and it includes wild game on the menu.

Good Luck!!


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