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May 14, 2005
At 9:30 am it's up to 64 degrees here at Mesquite Campground in Death Valley. Glad it finally got warm but the wind is blowing and it's a bit brisk, offsetting the improvement in air temperature. Guess you just can't please some people, huh?

Wendy, Mike and Sam
Mesquite Campground
Death Valley National Park

My daughter wants to take us to Death Valley next week (Likely tue or wed)

What part of the valley are you in? (North, south, middle or other divisiion of area)
We're at Sunset Campground, across the highway from Furnace Creek Visitor Center. Stop in and see us.....27' Winnebago in site L-10. Weather forecast is 20% chance of rain on Tuesday and/or Wednesday, high in the low 60s.
Well, Daughter works Today (Christmas Eve) Tomorrow and  Monday, Tues is prep for family Christmas which will be Wed.  Don't know what is on tap for Thu this week, and I move to Palmdale after the new year

But we will see what happens... I've saved off your directions
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