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Never heard of that brand until you mentioned it, but a visit to the website says it is a quartz type electric heater.  Quartz heaters are radiant heaters - they don't heat the surrounding air like  a ceramic or conventional resistance heater. Instead, the invisible infrared light emitted by the heater warms anything it strikes, just like sunlight does.  That make sit good for outdoor use, e.g. a patio, because it can warm the people without trying to heat the entire space, but often is less effective for warming a room.

All portable heaters have a max output of 1500 watts because of safety regulations, so they all have equivalent quantity of heat. And all have a safety shut-off device built in.  The differences among them are the type of heating (radiant or convection), amount of fan noise, type of thermostat and other minor features (timers, oscillating, etc.).

If you think a quartz heater is the right type for you, I suggest you Google 'quartz heater' or use a shopping search engine like Yahoo Shopping to look at the numerous makes of quartz heaters.  And check your local Walmart, Target, KMart, etc. They usually carry at least one brand of quartz heater. If you but it locally, you can return it easily if you find that quartz doesn't work well for your needs. I couldn't see anything unique about the Edenpure brand (except maybe the quantity of hype in their ad), so you can buy a similar heater almost anywhere.
Just a comment on that 1500 Watt max.  Last week I'd have agreed with you even though I have spent the last few months hauling around a Swamp Cooler with heater that claims to be 2,000 watts.

Well, I plugged in a Kill-A-Watt and guess what.. 19xx watts (Close enough to 2,000 to call the difference line loss)

That said, it is treated to a circuit all it's own when in heat mode.. It is currently in cool mode (56 watts) evaporating around 2 gallons of water per day making my bedroom nice and comfy
After leaving Quartsite, we went down to "mooch" off of relatives in Bisbee.(use their electricity)

The first day there was great weatherwise. The next few days the temp on my recorder said it was 19 degrees just before 7:am.

We had bought into the edenpure hype and guess what? Although the thermostat wasn't set on the highest level, the inside ambient air was 67 degrees.

I'm not sure how much warmer it would accomplish, but some for sure. It can be touched anywhere and you feel no heat. Works just like RV Roamer says. And hey, hold your cold hamburger in front of it and keep it warm just like McDonald's.
so would you say having bought into the "hype" that you are pleased with the product?

I am trying to get a heater without the fan.  #1 for the noise issue.  #2 for the drying out it causes

We will need a space heater for the rv this winter.  The front doesn't get warm enough without burning up in the bedroom.  I'm trying to find more feedback so I can decide whether I want quartz or ceramic.  I think quartz may do a better job, but I like the idea of no fan. 

Does anyone have experience with both types of heater in a small area?

I have one from HD that so far keeps the large area of My Dutchman with slide out comfortable in upper 30's it's only rated at 400/800 watts. the only problem is it doeesn't have a thermostat.
Don't forget about propane catalytic heaters. They are safe to use indoors (with some precautions) and operate without any electricity; a definite advantage when boondocking. No fan, so no noise, but I will be adding a small (4", 350mA) computer-type fan to move the heat into the bedroom area. I have a Wave 8, but there are other makes which will do the same job. I recommend you stay away from the open flame units because of safety concerns.
I am trying to get a heater without the fan.  #1 for the noise issue.  #2 for the drying out it causes
Not sure what you mean by #2. What would a fan have to do with humidity? Heating the air by whatever means changes the relative humidity, but a fan is simply moving it from one place to another.
I use a small oil-filled radiator with thermostat and timer, but no fan. It has two levels of heat.  Obviously runs without noise but takes a few minutes to heat up.  It is very safe and, like most heaters, has an automatic shut-off if tipped over while heating.  The 24 hr timer works great if you set it to come on 10-15 minutes before you need the heat.  Another good thing is that it gives off its 'stored' heat for quite some time after it is switched off/unplugged.  Really works well in a small area.  It was about $60 last year at Bed,Bath and Beyond.  We use a similar unit at home.  I have seen some units with a fan but I don't know if the fan runs all the time during heat output.  I also keep a small ceramic heater with a fan in the MH and just use the fan (no heat) to circulate the air through the fins of the radiator if  needed.

I ended up using a small oil filled heater and it works excellent.  No blower noise and when it cycles off it stays warm for quite some time.

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