Heater turns itself on...

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Mar 9, 2018
Have a Lance 830 with an Emerson thermostat. Noticed the other day the heater was on even though it was about 65 degrees outside. Checked the thermostat and realized although it was set at 50 degrees it wasn?t clicked all the way to off. Clicked it off and a couple days later it was back on (still in the off position). Cold air was blowing from the heater vents so I assume the propane has run out. I clicked it on then off several times and eventually it turned off. Do I need a new thermostat or could it be something else? :-\


Jul 5, 2019
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Most likely the thermostat is at fault. Think of it as just a switch for the furnace. Remove the thermostat and touch the 2 wires together (bypassing the "switch"). If the furnace comes on when the wires are connected and off when they are not it is definitely the thermostat. I had to replace mine a couple of weeks ago. Mine wouldn't turn on at all. The good news is that it is a very easy job requiring only a screwdriver. I replaced mine with the exact same model which I found on amazon for $10. Good luck!
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