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Helaine & Wally

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Mar 3, 2005
Here I am and improving every day.

I have 6 weeks of PT to go through but if my performance of the first few days is any indication I should have no trouble with it. They have already cancelled the home PT training as I have accomplished those bench marks allready.  One knee done----one to go

But not all is well, Though Wally had learned earlier he withheld telling me of my Fathers passing until I was home. He knew that if he told me in the hospital and I got the least bit upset they would have kept me there. Dad had been excited about my new knee and was anxious to hear about the surgery. I was timing everything so I could be with him on his 90th birthday next month. I know he is still with me but it still hurts.

Our condolences be with you and your family at this time.  Glad you are back.  Take care and practice using the whistle for this winters  Q trip, cause Tom will need to be straightened out again.

So sorry to hear of your father's passing, but good to hear about your new knee. ?It's been a hot topic of conversation here for the past few days :) ?Keep up the PT and you'll be running in no time. ?Looking forward to seeing both of your new knees next winter.
Helaine & Wally said:
I was timing everything so I could be with him on his 90th birthday next month. I know he is still with me but it still hurts.Helaine

Dearest Helaine,

Hugs to you on the sad news of your fathers passing.  May your fond memories  help to comfort the hurt. And may the well wishes of framily be of some support.

Betty and Terry
So sorry to hear of your fathers passing. Peg and I send our heart felt condolences.

Too bad we aren't closer. Then you and Peg could do your PT together. Hope things continue to go well.

Sincere condolences on the passing of your father.

Congratulations on the progress with the knee.

Tom & Chris
So sorry to hear of your father's passing. Get Wally to give you a big hug from me and Mike. And keep up with that PT!!! Get this knee done and move on to the other so you can knock a few of these guys into line in Quartzsite in January.

p.s. Tell Wally we've gone solar....Yippee!!!
Dear Framily,
You dont know how important you are to me just now. You give me extra strength when I need it most. Thank you

But be warned!! I will NOT be giving up my cane or whistle. In January I will knock drinks into the next county and wake the snakes with my whistle blowing and if that doesn't get the troops in line I will chase them down and give them a swift kick in the behind with my newly restored leg.

I enjoyed the replies and banter RE. Jim Johnson's post on my progress. Humor is a great stress and pain reliever and right now the cyber hugs feel warm and loving.
Thanks guys!


Sam & I were so happy for you an the great progress with your new Knee.  We were also saddened to hear of your fathers passing.  Sam & I offer you and Wally our sincere condolances.  Remember as Betty said the fond memories will always be with you.  Hugs to you.


      Shirley and I are glad you are back and recovering.  You have our deepest sympathy for your loss.  I know I will do better so you don't have to get after me. ;D

Dear. dear Helaine,

You know my arms are around you in a very long distance hug!  For both the sad news of your father and the happy news of your new knee.  When one cries, one must also laugh to have life in balance.  We're with you in spirit.

Much love,
Ardra and Jerry too
Helaine -

I'm glad your surgery went well.  Please accept our condolences on the loss of your father.

Let me know when you've recovered enough for a visit.  Cindy and I will be wandering a bit this summer and we'd like to stop by and say hello.
Aw Guys, you make me tear up but it is a good feeling. I will miss my Dad like crazy, ours was a strange relationship. We were so much alike that we did similar things without the other knowing. We didn't always get along but we loved each other.

Lou, and anybody else, We will be home most of the summer. August we will be in Seattle area most of the month. September...Knee number 2 is scheduled for sept 13th. We should be out of town and heading south by Oct 1

Please stop by. A visit from framily is always welcome

Sorry for tearing you up but, we all sincerely wish you a speedy recovery from this and your next replacement.  Parents are someone we all fuss with, argue with and love all at once and in our hearts and thoughts forever. God Bless
I add my hugs and condolences. I look forward to seeing you walk about this winter.

I'm so sorry that you had to face te death of your dad at such a time. . . Hugs [[[[Helaine]]]].

>Dear Framily,
You dont know how important you are to me just now. You give me extra strength when I need it most. Thank you<

The framily is that important to us as well.

Jack and Liz Pierce just left after spensing the evening with us again, the 2nd in 4 days, following my cataract surgery on Thursday. Now that I wanted to see the forum again, I've 5 pages to get through. It's still healing.

May your PT continue to go as well. May You'll be mobile without pain before you know it.

Bob+ & Bev
Hi Helaine,

Glad to hear the knee (and you) are doing so well. I can only imagine how hard it must be for you with the passing of your father at the same time. Just try to remember the good times and and keep up the rehab. We hope to see you in Q/Z again next year.

Jerry & Arlyne Ray
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