Hello all, New member here with my Tiger motorhome

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That looks like a really nice RV Jill. Congratulations.
Smoky said:

That looks brand new!!  :D

Don't worry, Smoky, yours will too when it arrives.

Hope you get it soon.



Am supposed to find out what day it goes on the assembly line this coming week.  I am planning to go out to Nippanee to watch it being built.  It is scheduled to be on the line for three days,  They said I can even take pictures of the wiring and plumbing before the walls hide it.  Such pictures should prove useful in the years to come.
Am supposed to find out what day it goes on the assembly line this coming week.

Somehow, Smoky, I had thought it was further advanced than that.

Great that they allow you in to watch "the build" and take pics.  The whole affair, and not just the building of your rig, should be quite interesting.


Howdy, Jill.

Welcome aboard. Thanks for sending the photos of your motorhome. It is really lovely. :) :)

Doug, you are sort of correct.

The current estimated delivery date is May 27, but today that is just an estimate. 

Last week they assigned a number to my build, which is usually the last step before they assign an assembly line date.  So this coming week they will assign the date.  My guess is that it will still be in time for a May 27 delivery, which would put it around May 23rd to go on the line.  I suspect they want to clear out all the 2005s before Memorial Day because they are already starting the assembly line changeovers for the 2006 models.  The Dutch Star and Mountain Aire are already finished with 2005s.  They have even run a Dutch Star 2006 down the line and completed it for upcoming trade shows.  I have been told that mine might be the final 2005 delivery for Kountry Star models.


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