Hello everyone, I am Eco Hank and new to this forum.

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Eco Hank

New member
Nov 6, 2012
South Florida
I hope to gain knowledge and wisdom from others on this forum. In return I will share the same. I am a part time TT RV camper. I have A Dutchmen Travel trailer model - ECO 718qbsl , and pull with Toyota FJ and Tundra. I use a prodigy BC.
Hi Hank and welcome to The RV Forum.  Where are you located and where do you do most of your RVing?

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I am located in south Florida. I do most of my RVing from Florida keys up the east and west Fla coast - north to East TN. :)
We used to live in Boca Raton, but moved up to the Ocala area in 1994. Have good friends in Marathon and used to keep a condo down there as well, but left that behind when we got back into RVing around 1996. We head north as the temperatures climb and now mostly spend our RVing summers in Maine.
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