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Jul 31, 2005
Hi there! I haven't used this site in seven years and BOY... has it changed! Looks great!!! I am a full-timer for nearly 7 years. I live with my husband and 2 dogs (a black lab and a poodle). We live in a 32' Challenger fifth-wheel with 3 slides. I don't believe I'll ever go back to a land-based house! I love my trailer!!! My husband is currently working for a company called Southern Cross Corp. They send us all over looking for gas leaks! It's an interesting way to do it but it helps pay for this new trailer!

Welcome back in our new location. Glad you found us.
Hi Illine & Hubby!  Good to have you with us.

Sharon and I just began fulltiming.  We are in our second week.  Where are you guys currently parked?


SKP 89237 FMCA F362184
2005 Newmar Kountry Star 3910 Pusher
Ford Taurus Wagon Toad
Fulltiming out of Kalispell MT
Parked in Lothian MD
Hi there Ilene and Smokey,

I lurked on this site for a year or so of and on, and just joined a couple of weeks ago. Now that we're semi-retired, we are traveling a bunch this year, so it is fun to just be a part of conversations about things we have in common. So, I'm glad you're back.

This whole full-timing things sounds interesting - but we have a problem that for now prevents us from doing it.

It is our first grandchild, Connor, who is 17 months old, lives about 10 minutes from us, and is just too much fun! So, that's how it goes.

But you all enjoy! I'm most happy for you. You must keep us all posted on your whereabouts and your adventures.

BernerGran :)

Nice to make your acquaintance!

Our granddaughter is 10 years old and lives 35 minutes from our old MD location.  We will see her for the last time this year for 4 nights this coming week as her dad is bringing her up to our Campsite in Gettysburg.  Then we will not see her for about a year.

I do not think we could have done this had she been only 17 months old.

And now we have another one on the way.  I promised Granny I would fly her back for that event, while I hold down the home front (wherever it is at the time).  I will see the new grandchild next spring.

Smoky - currently parked at Granite Hills CG, Gettysburg PA and enjoying the hell out of the 3rd week of fulltiming.
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