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Jun 15, 2012

My name  is Blair and my wife and I are heading to the US on April 2 2013 for 84 days of RV'ing. We have rented a 24 foot RV with Apollo (all inclusions and unlimited miles).

We have never RVd before but camp all the time. We intend on spending most of our time in national and state parks doing a lot of hiking, and then attending whatever activities are close to us on weekends whilst we re-stock and do laundry. We intend on getting a couple of cheap bicycles to get around on if they will fit in the RV.
We start in LA and intend on doing an anti clockwise loop around the country. We don't intend on spending much time in the middle and will be doing long hauls across the guts unless we find something to explore. We are used to very long mileage as the distances here are quite significant (ie: 900 miles in a 3 day trip is doable for us).

Look forward to reading through your forums to gain as much knowledge as possible before arriving.


Hi Blair and welcome to The RV Forum. Sounds like you have an exciting trip.planned.
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