Hello from Bowmanville Canada

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Sep 27, 2005
Just wanted to introduce ourselves. We are a family of four and have camped in pop up trailers up until now. Recently we decided we wanted something a little more comfortable on those long trips. We ended up going with a Rockwood 8317 TT and will be picking it up from the dealer in the spring. We are very excited and have already seen the actual unit. The dealer is storing it for us this winter. We've been doing some research beforehand and have a few questions I will ask on other discussion threads.

We have been watching the discussion and your forum appear much more friendly than some other ones out there so we decided to join this one.

Best regards and happy camping!
Thanks for saying "hello" and welcome to the RV Forum!  Our Forum has been an online community for international RVers since the late 80's and might just be the longest online RV community in cyberspace!

Are you spending the winter in Bowmanville or will you escape to warmer climates?

We are currently in Central Florida watching the progress of Hurricane Wilma, contemplating evacuation and thinking we should have remained in Ottawa just a few days longer this Fall! :-\

Hope you make the RV Forum part of your regular online activities, and feel free to join in nay ongoing discussion.  Let us know if we can help.

Thanks Steve! Yes, we tough it out in Canada for the winter. Maybe when the kids are older, we'll head down south but in the mean time we'll just dream about summer camping till spring.

Hey, be careful down there with Wilma, sounds like a really big one. Hopefully it will miss everyone down there for a change.

Thanks again and take care down there!
Welcome to the RV Forum.  Glad you found us.  Please join in on any of the ongoing discussions or start new discussions relating to the RVing lifestyle.  This is also a great place to ask any RVing questions you might have.
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