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Jan 8, 2006
Hi everyone ;D Grumpy and I have a 2003 Newmar Scottsdale 38'. Our traveling partners our: Henry (116 lb. Lab) & Lilo (Corgi). We used the our RV for trips till Jan of last year and now live in it full time. Grumpy is a native of Florida and I grewup in Illinois.
I have a question about the 12v wall lights.. where would I post it?
We will be off line till sometime next week. Monday we will have the Scottie in for warranty work.
Looking forward to meeting you all.
Howdy, Grannie and Grumpy.

Welcome to the RV Forum, glad that you are here.  :D
We are in chilly southeast Florida, temp outside is 46 right now in West Palm Beach.  I think that you could post your question about 12v lights in Tech Talk.


Hi Grannie & Grumpy,

Welcome to the forum. Where are you located in FL? We're in Titusville. It sure is chilly at the moment but supposed to be warm in a couple of days.
Hi Grannie & Grumpy,

Welcome to the RV Forum.  Glad you found us.  We are in sunny warm Yuma AZ where the daytime temps are in the mid to high 70/s.  Like Jim I think Tech Talk would be the place to post your question on the 12v lights.
Welcome to Florida.? Nights have been a bit chilly, but today will be upper 70's in the Tampa area.? Where are you having the work done?? If you stop by Lazy Days be sure to look me up.

Bill Whetstone
Thanks for the welcome  :D  everyone.  Jim I lived in Melbourne for 13 years. Still go there as I have couple of children and grandchildren living there. Bill we're up in the panhandle and had the work done at Leisure Tyme in Mary Ester.
Well off to tech board.

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