Hello from DFW, Texas ~ Just purchsed our first "new to us" MH (Dolphin)

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Nov 24, 2012
DFW, Texas
Hello from the DFW, TX area ~

We are brand new to the world of a MH and just purchased our first "new to us" MH ~ a 1995 Dolphin.  We will pick her up on December 26th and we can't wait to bring her home!  We want to make some interior changes and updating before we take her out the first time (Spring break 2012).  I've been reading the remodeling portion of this forum and learning a lot about how to tackle some of the projects we have in mind.

I camped with my parents several times when I was a kid and my DH used to camp quite a bit in a "previous life."  We had never done any camping together until Summer 2011 when we went tent camping for 2+ weeks in Northern New Mexico (Red River area) and Jack's Creek close to Santa Fe.  At the time we "poo-pooed" the MH and RV people because that wasn't really "camping."  Well, after 2+ weeks sleeping in a tent with the nighttime lows in the high 20's and lower 30's (two different trips ~ one in early June and the other in mid-July) we decided having a MH wasn't such a bad idea.  Plus, being able to brush our teeth without standing at the water spigot would be another plus!

DH is a band director and I work from home so we'll be able to use the MH during Spring break, Summer break, Thanksgiving break, Christmas break and other long weekend holidays.  I need to do research regarding having an internet connection so I can still stay connected to work while on the road enjoying our MH.

Thanks to all who have (or will) contribute to this forum as we, as newbies, appreciate your posts/information.

Cheers to all!

Jay and Gina



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When I first meet my wife she had said that a RV is not camping also. I had one already and took her out for a few days and now the wife goes, how could I of gotten along without an RV before! No more tents, end of talking. Good luck with the new/used RV, sure is a big one for a first Motorhome!
Thanks everyone for your kind words.

We agree that our Dolphin is a big MH for our first one but ... as the two says go ~

Go BIG or go home


Everything's bigger in Texas!!  :)
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