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Aug 6, 2019
Hi everyone and thank you for adding me to the group!  My wife and I are brand new to mini motor home camping and eager to learn the tips and tricks to simplify the learning process.
We recently purchased a 1982 Honey 26' Amabassador on Ford running gear.  She's not pristine by any stretch of the imagination, but is functional as is.  We're looking forward to doing some interior renovations to make it our own, and hope to enhance its value at the same time as this will be the stepping stone to the next RV :)
Thank you all in advance for your understanding in the barrage of newbie questions we are bound to ask?

Matt n Shelly
Welcome to the site. Good luck on your mods. Ask all the questions you desire, realize you will get a variety of responses from personal experience. We like pictures and updates.
Matt &Shelly,

It is functional as is? 
Leave it alone. 
Do what repairs it needs and small and inexpensive improvements. 

If you hoping that you can flip it to some advantage, give up that thought. 
There are very few RVs that have any value when they are that old and this is almost without regard to the condition.  Do some market research before you put much in it.  Use this to learn as much as you can.  If you end up actually using it, you may find that travel by motorhome is addictive.

Look up "Tin Can Tourists".  They can be your most help with older RVs. 

Some RVs hold value when old.  Those are few and I can count them on one hand's fingers. 

Note:  We have a 1973 GMC and have an Avion (Cayo) so I know about this......


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