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Aug 25, 2019
My husband and I have a vacation cabin near cougar peak in the cabinet mountains, we rent out, and on the end of that piece of our property is a beautiful spot we have decoded to rent as an primitive RV space.We don't have hook ups, and it is for only one camper at a time so who ever rents it gets the place to themselves. The view of the cabinet mountains is to die for. The cabin stays rented most of the time. I thought if I came on here I could get some Ideas of what folks want in a primitive RV space. We are retired and love the place we have. Thank You.


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I would tend to say view, and access to water / sewer dump are the two main things people want, this does not necessarily mean water / sewer dump on site, but reasonably nearby (within a few miles) as these are often the two things that limit length of stay.  Shade can be a trade off, those with solar panels, or possibly satellite dishes,  prefer open views of the sky, those without often like shade to keep RV's somewhat cool during the day.

In addition to this it is important that the access road is good, a road that people don't give a second thought to in a Jeep may be completely inaccessible for a RV, either due to road conditions, overhead trees, or tight turns.

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