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Sep 25, 2006
Milford Ohio
I'm a retired structural engineer now enjoying the good life!  My wife Sandy and I retired 3 years ago at age 57 and bought a used 96 Jayco poptop to see how we liked camping.  We haven't camped much since the kids were little.  They are gone now, but have been replaced by Petey, our Min Pin retirement dog (Petey loves to camp).  After 3 years of wonderful experiences camping in the pop top, mostly at Lake Cumberland in KY where I have a pontoon boat, we decided to move up a notch to get a little more room and a less less setup effort.  Today I signed the papers for a new Jayco J Feather 23B TT.  Since I use a 2002 Ford F150 as my tow vehicle I had to go light.  I used the RV Forum to research TT's and to determine how much trailer my F150 could tow.  I am very appreciative of the information and advice I received as a guest of this Forum.  I look forward to helping others as I gain more experience and knowledge with the new TT.




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Jan 29, 2005
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Hi Larry and Sandy,

Welcome to the RV Forum.  Please look around the forum,  join in on any of the on going discussions, start new discussions, or ask questions.  Thanks for joining us. Glad we were able to help.
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