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Aug 22, 2006
Gillette WY
I just wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank all of you for your discussions and input into this forum!? ;D

I have been reading and following many discussions as my family and I were considering getting out of the bumper tow trailer we had and moving into a motorhome.? I had decided on what we were looking for, based mainly on budgetary concerns and knowledge I had gleaned from you all, when I ran into an unbelievable deal on a 2002 Georgie Boy 3402DS.? Even though it was actually more motorhome than I was looking for, Thanks to the information received here, I knew a good deal when I saw one.? We made the decision to buy and we just got back from a wonderful 2300 mile trip with no problems or issues whatsoever!? Looking forward to many more trips, and participating in discussions here on the forum!

Just FYI - our new motorhome is:
2002 Landau 3402DS
Ford V10 chassis? (read a lot about these chassis - so happy to find...)
Bilsteins, anti-sway, and safe-t-steer already installed ? ;D
24,000 miles with only 49 hours on 5k genset
Detailed service records
Leveling jacks, dual slides
truly absolutely beautiful condition

You wont believe me, so I wont tell you what it cost!

I'm not sure I would have been comfortable making this decision without the info learned from all of you, so sincerely,? thank you all very much!

Don and family? (wife, 10 yr old, 7 yr old, and dog who thinks he's in charge!!)

Congratulations on the Georgie Boy and thanks for the feedback.

Welcome to the RV Forum and congratulations on the Georgie Boy.  I am sure you will enjoy it.  Thanks for the kind comments regarding the RV Forum.

Congratulations on the motorhome. Glad you found lots of info here to help you with the purchase. Let us know how that first trip went !!


p.s. Who says the dog isn't in charge???
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