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Madeline Mae

New member
Nov 11, 2012
Jacksonville, NC
I am new to the forum, I have just acquired a 1964 Dodge Motor home... known today as a Travco that was bound to end up in a scrap yard.  From viewing her original bill of sale, she was ordered with most of the extras.  Walking into her just carries one back in time, applied to her interior are numerous stickers from her many travels.  I was fortunate to receive with her a 5 inch binder which includes all of her manuals, maintenance and service records through the years.  I am new to RVs in general, and not so knowledgeable on the restoration process, but after finding out that she is a sound unit, I am willing to learn along the way with the assistance of a few people knowledgeable in giving her the care she needs.  From some readings, I realize that it can be a costly and time consuming process, but in time I will do my very best to bring her back to her original condition.
Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you will find a lot of answers here, as well as some good friends. I'm just "down the road" from you in SC and just bought first MH and having a ball.
Hi, Welcome to the forum!  That sounds like a great project.
Please post pictures as you go.

BTW, we're just south of Raleigh.
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