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Sep 2, 2006

We are in the delightful middle fifties and have been vacation RV'er for 10 years.  My husband is recently retired but I am still employed for another three years (somebody has to pay for the toys and vacations).  We are taking our 5th wheel down to Mammoth mountains in early October to do some fishing for a couple of weeks.  We will be returning to Vancouver and going back down to Las Vegas for Xmas and spend a month exploring Arizona.  Would love some tips on great parks near Tuscon.

Also we are planning to do a trip to Alaska next summer and have heard different versions on when the best time to go is.  If anyone can give us a recommendation we would appreciate it.  We are currently looking at July.  We usually don't leave Vancouver in the summer because July and August are usually the only two months you can be sure to get sunshine, but we know that July or August is probably our best bet for Alaska.

I am excited about joining the forum and linking with other RV'ers.

Faye and Billy

Welcome Faye and Billy from another middle fifties couple (but delightful???). Are you gearing up for the 2010 Olympics? Hope you find lots of useful info and, more important, friends here in the forum. If you get a chance during you LV trip this Christmas, you should visit Death Valley...awesome place and our Christmas vacation location...stop by for a visit.

Welcome to the RV Forum.  Look around the forum, ask questions, join in on any of the ongoing discussions, or start new discussions.  Thanks for joining us.
Welcome to the RV Forum Faye and Billy!? ?Always glad to add to the ranks of fellow Canadian RVers.

As we spend our winters in Florida I don't have experience in the Tuscon area, but you may wish to post another query in the Destinations Section of the Forum with a specific question containing the word Tuscon in the title.? That would get th attention of Forum members with information on the area.

For information on Alaska, try a Forum search using the keyword "Alaska" to see if you can find what you need.

Another resource I like to suggest is the Alaska By RV TRavel DVD  produced by Bob and Judy Howen.  Their video offers insights into making your first time trip enjoyable and to know where are the important points of interest.  Check it out on their website.

Hope you enjoy the RV Forum!
Welcome, we are coming to your lovely country today.  We are in Great Falls, Montana, having driven from Colorado.
Going to a little town close to Calgary, Okotoks.
We will be wintering in a little town called Naco.  Which  is on the border of Mexico,  They have a great golf/RV park, Turquoise Valley  We went there for 6 years and decided to buy a place since we went to the same place.  We had a house built in Sierra Vista.  Stayed there for another 6 years and sold and traded in a small motorhome for a 36 5er.  Now going back to Naco in October but will travel to California and Texas also.  Sierra Vista has a military base and is about 60 miles from Tuscon.  Naco is another 30 min from Sierra Vista.   
We are in Lewistown, Mt at Sam's Camp.  While in great falls a couple good thing of interest is the Lewis & Clark interpretive center, and Giant springs not too far away from the interpretive center, and the Charlie Russel Museum,

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